Help Bring the Future to Fruit Farming

Our Company

Vivid Machines has built cutting-edge vision technology to help fruit growers produce more food on existing acreage, while providing early yield predictions to packhouses, marketers, and retailers. Our vision is to revolutionize the fruit supply chain by providing transparency from farm to retailer!

Our Values

Curiosity, learning, and passion

We’re passionate about our mission and believe that curiosity and learning are key to solving big problems. New experiences and skills make our jobs fun.

We’re owners

Our customers, team, and investors are incredibly smart people. We listen to alternative points of view, but we own our outcomes and aren’t afraid to take the initiative to get things done. Especially things that are new.

Iterate to excellence

Nothing is perfect the first time. We take a design approach to building things and deliver early and often to learn how to keep making things better, understanding that mistakes are part of the process.

Elegant solutions

We believe in developing products and technology that harmonize beauty, humanity, and function to make people's lives better.

Innovate with purpose

We innovate with purpose – to deliver better technology and value so we can help farmers feed the world.

Open Positions

Our mission is to empower fruit producers by providing per-plant visibility and understanding. We are here to help bring the future to farming.

The Team

The work we do here at Vivid Machines is only possible with our incredible multi-disciplinary team, who are committed to solving the hardest technological challenges in food production.

Our Founders

Jonathan and Jenny met in a program called Entrepreneur First. The program is backed by Reid Hoffman, Greylock Partners, Founders Fund, Mosaic Ventures, and Lakestart, and has helped 2,500 people create 300+ companies worth a combined $2bn.
Jenny Lemieux
Founder, CEO
Jonathan Binas
Founder, CTO

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