Crop load management for horticulture

Machine vision for real-time understanding of every plant


The Vivid X-Vision system was developed to capture the visible and chemical details of every plant across an entire crop from bud to harvest.

Automate the understanding of the quantity and quality of fruit on every plant to manage growth and predict yield, and provide means for early diagnosis of pests, diseases, and nutrient deficiencies.

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Vivid xMotion

Vehicle mounted system


Vivid xVision

High speed imaging


Vivid xIntelligence

Real-time analytics


Our Company

Vivid Machines is an exciting new start-up building cutting edge vision technology to help fruit and vegetable farmers produce more food. We’re passionate about providing growers with the technology they need to maximize the volume of nutritious food available to consumers locally, and globally.


Our vision is to revolutionize agricultural production to help farmers solve food security globally.

The How matters as much as what we’re building.  Our values guide our strategy, execution, and relationships, and are the foundation of our culture.

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Meet our Founders

Jonathan and Jenny met in a program called Entrepreneur First.  The program is backed by Reid Hoffman, Greylock Partners, Founders Fund, Mosaic Ventures, and Lakestar, and has helped 2,500 people create 300+ companies worth a combined $2bn. 


Jenny Lemieux

Founder, CEO

Jenny, P.Eng, M.Des, MMAI, grew up on a farm and went on to study engineering, product design, and data science.  She has extensive experience in physical and software products, generating over $50M in profit and funding for large corporates and start-ups, winning global design awards.


Jonathan Binas

Founder, CTO

Jonathan has an MSc in Physics and a PhD in Information Technology from ETH Zurich, has worked with Turing Award Winner Yoshua Bengio to advance the state-of-the-art in deep learning, designed microchips for efficient on-device processing, and obtained various grants for research in machine learning.


The Vivid Machines Team


The work we do here at Vivid Machines is only possible with our incredible multi-disciplinary team, who are committed to solving the hardest technological challenges in food production!

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