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About the show

This podcast includes team interviews, special guests, and concept breakdowns to help people situate themselves in the field of Artificial Intelligence, while also covering important innovations with technology in agriculture and Vivid Machines' updates!

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Season 1 



If you are someone aspiring to learn more about agricultural technology and artificial intelligence basics, tune in and learn along the way! As well as if you are interested in hearing about exciting announcements from Vivid Machines, follow this podcast and I will keep you in the loop.

00:00 / 03:12

Tom Taulli explain A.I. basics to Cassie

Tom Taulli goes over the basics of Artificial Intelligence. From differentiating between weak vs strong A.I, to discussing applications in agriculture.

00:00 / 18:12

What is Spectral Imaging? With Joseph Peller

Cassie asks Joseph Peller questions as he covers the basics of Spectral Imaging! In this episode, learn about the electromagnetic spectrum, bands, imaging for plant disease, and more. 

00:00 / 20:58

Quick Talk Tuesday

How will current food systems keep up with the growing population? In this Quick Talk Tuesday, Cassie discusses how smart agriculture could be the answer to food waste and food shortage. 


Co-op student tackles the future of STEM

Are science, technology, engineering, and math students the future of AgTech? Tune in to hear the thoughts of Aneesh, Vivid Machines' co-op student! 

00:00 / 05:26
00:00 / 21:49

Quick Talk Tuesday: Natural Language Processing

In this Quick Talk Tuesday, Cassie covers the basics of Natural Language Processing! Tune in to learn about how computers are able to understand language, and output speech themselves. 

00:00 / 06:15

Rod Farrow Talks AgTech and the Future of the Apple Industry

Rod Farrow explains his take on agricultural technology to Cassie, while getting into a thorough discussion around the complexities of the apple industry! 

00:00 / 27:54

Innovating Cow Milk With Bethany Deshpande

Bethany Deshpande describes her journey as the founder and CEO of SomaDetect. Tune in to learn how her company helps farmers produce the best possible milk!

00:00 / 25:58

Let's Talk Food Waste

Dr. Simon Somogyi discusses the problem of food waste, covering a range of topics such as climate change, imperfect produce, and supply chain development! 

00:00 / 25:34